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Client Testimonials

Restored Nutrition has helped my wife and I with our athletic and aesthetic goals. Christa has been my nutrition coach since 2015 and she is worth every penny. I've gone through several cycles of gaining and cutting and I have been able to do so in a healthy manner due to her guidance. She looks at much more than just macro nutrients. - Rhett

Ive tried to look at my body differently every day and find something that I like. Ive caught myself more than once having negative thoughts, but I’ve stopped myself. I even felt proud for being able to recognize what I was doing- bringing myself down. These feel like monumental accomplishments for a person who’s never been positive about her body!

I’m thrilled to be getting healthier. Finally. And I’m beginning to see myself differently. Self love. I honestly never thought it would be possible. I’m no longer obsessing about calories and hating everything about myself! Than you for helping me get there! - Whitney

I’ve been working with Christa for over a year now. Weight loss was my only objective at first, but I ended up learning so much more about fueling my body, training smart, and learning to live a healthy lifestyle that will be sustainable for the rest of my life. Now, I have a healthy relationship with food, and I feel empowered to teach my future children how to eat and train well. Also, I now have the physique I want, and I eat well over a thousand calories more than I did when I was on my own. I am so thankful for Christa and her expertise- she has truly helped me transform my life. - Rachel

Another year, another contract.

As a dancer, my physical performance and ability to sustain long hours of rehearsal is absolutely crucial. Without the help of my coach, mind mind and body would be sorely suffering. As I was logging photos yesterday, I realized that because of working with my coach, I have maintained my desired weight and body composition for an entire year. Thank you for giving me strength to pursue my passions fully! - Lauren

At my one year anniversary of tracking, I was eating, at a minimum, double what I was a year ago. Through consistency with Crossfit and tracking, I definitely feel that strength and especially recovery have gone up exponentially. I have been consistently hitting new PRs in almost everything. No regrets, and if you’re thinking about doing it, stop thinking and do it! - Caleb

I owe so much of my performance in the past six months to being coached by Christa- her leadership, honesty, respect, encouragement, and dedication has enabled me to tap into potential I didn’t know existed. There have been countless times that I reached out with questions or uncertainties, but she quickly responded, explained, and reinforced her help time after time. I am thrilled with my success thus far and cannot wait for the coming year. - Brandon

As a previous ballet dancer and current yogi, I was skeptical as to what flexible dieting could do for my body. I believed my husband and I had eaten well for the past five years and I doubted that food changes alone could have such remarkable results. Well, I am very happy to stand humbled and corrected!

As a thirty-year-old woman, I am more proud of my body than I ave ever been in my life. In the past three months, I have gone down two entire clothing sizes while at the same time “hitting” countless yoga poses, previously unattainable to me in my practice. - Lauren

When I began tracking, I was a year into my Crossfit journey and still struggling to overcome adrenal fatigue and gain back not only my energy, but my strength.

I finally took the plunge into macros and much to my surprise, learned I wasn’t eating enough. I reverse dieted for several months to get my numbers back to a normal range.. with numbers higher than I can imagine. I’m eating so much more now and still dropping fat and hitting PRs all over the place. - Jo

I have been with Christa for over a year now. Before I started, I had really no clue how much I should be eating to support my body while doing Crossfit. Within just a few weeks, I was noticing changed in my energy, performance, and my body. I felt better and looked better than I had in years. In November, I had to have a hysterectomy and never expected surgery to flip everything upside down. Christa has hung in there with me through all of this. and reminds me that I cannot only focus on losing weight but have to get my body happy and healthy too. Even though I have never met her, I feel like I can call Christa my friend and can literally tell her anything! - Vonnie

I put off beginning my journey with tracking because I truly though I would put in so much work to no avail (3.5 years into Crossfit and my body was still hanging onto body fat from growing up overweight). I was also overwhelmed with the thought of tracking everything and how my travel schedule would interfere.

Fast forward 3.5 months and I cannot begin to express how thankful I am to have taken on this challenge. I have seen progress I never imagined. Not only in body composition, but in my ability to maintain strength, lose inches, and gain muscle mass. - Adam

I was introduced to a whole new world that I fell absolutely in love with when I began tracking macros. It made me feel more refreshed and energized. I loved knowing how much to eat and what types of food and never feeling stuffed and my eating a consistent amount of food throughout the day, I felt great.

Each week I was able to talk to her and tell her how I was doing and she would always have advice when I was dealing with something whether it was food related or stress related. She wasn’t just a nutrition coach, but a life coach and I couldn’t be more blessed that I got the opportunity to work with her! - Caitlyn

I have always gone through intense cycles in terms of weight loss and gym performance. Realizing I wasn't where I wanted to be, I would go to extreme measures to lose weight but would also see a loss in strength and couldn't sustain the weight loss. Before too long, the cycle would repeat.

Since I started working with Christa nearly two years ago, everything has changed. I have gradually lost weight without losing any strength. In fact, I have seem a dramatic increase in my lifting strength. I have improved in every facet of my CrossFit training and have been able to maintain a much healthier lifestyle. My food choices have improved significantly over time and have resulted in better gym performance, better sleep, and overall better health. I have been able to lose weight and keep it off all while still maintaining a flexible diet. - TJ

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