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We believe that nutrition is more than handing out a template and a list of foods to avoid. 

Templates and meal plans do not take you and your diet history into account More often than not, when you quit following these tools, you haven't learned how to continue your success.

We strive to have real relationships with our clients and learn about your current lifestyle, as well as past habits, in order to create a sustainable plan that is individualized for you!

Restored Nutrition was established to help you build a healthy relationship with food while fueling your body to maintain balanced energy levels.

We also believe that nutrition is about more than just food. We focus on mindset, body image, and self-worth as well because without these, you'll never be truly satisfied.

No matter what your goals are, we are here to help you achieve them. We've worked with all types of clients from athletes focusing on performance to moms on-the-go wanting to feel more energized or lose weight. It doesn't matter if your sport is CrossFit, yoga, or walking your pups. An individualized plan is just that - built specifically for you!

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